Welcome to the Homepage of HK80

What is it?

It is an R package for converting HK80 (Hong Kong 1980 geographical coordinating system) to WGS84 and UTM coordinating systems and vice versa.

How to install:

If you are using Windows, install R from a CRAN mirror:


From Start > Program Files > RGui

you can type the R code from the command line.

to install the package, type the following code to command line:


or install the most updated version from github


How to use?

To load the package HK80 into the current session, please use the following R code


To see the help file of this package, please type:


List of functions available in this package:

To see the help of each function, please type ?nameofthefunction, example:


To run the example of the corresponding function, copy the R code in the Example section of each help page to the R command Line.

Questions, Comments or Suggestions:

Feel free to send an email regarding to this package to Jinlong Zhang jinlongzhang01@gmail.com