LongDat 1.1.2 (20230713 update)

LongDat 1.1.1 (20230417 update)

LongDat 1.1.0 (20220713 update)

*Added Normalize_method table when the data_type is “measurement” or “others”.

LongDat 1.0.5 (20220621 update)

*Replaced the “insignificant” label in cuneiform plot with “non-significant”

LongDat 1.0.4 (20220601 update)

*Replaced the “confounder” terms with “covariates” in the final signals.

LongDat 1.0.3 (20220225 update)

*Fixed the problem that occurs in the measurement mode.

LongDat 1.0.2 (20220217 update)

*Fixed the problem that occurs when there is only one feature variable.

LongDat 1.0.1 (20220202 update)

*Optimized the data preprocess script to make LongDat also applicable to feature with negative values

LongDat 1.0.0 (20211215 submit)