Rsagacmd 0.1.1

New features:


Rsagacmd 0.1.0

Rsagacmd 0.1.0 includes many behind-the-scenes changes that organize the the internal representation of SAGA-GIS tools and parameter settings using a similar approach as used by the saga_api.

Most notably, this release provides support for the use of different raster backend, including the existing ‘raster’ package, as well as the newer ‘terra’ package. Configuration options to use different spatial formats as data is passed from R to SAGA (and back) is also provided. For rasters, datasets that are saved from R memory to disk for access by the saga command line (and vice versa) can be in ‘SAGA’ format (the default), ‘SAGA Compressed’, or ‘GeoTIFF’, which can potentially save disk space when transferring large volumes of data. Vector formats now include ‘ESRI Shapefile’ (the default), ‘Geopackage’ and ‘GeoJSON’. The use of the geopackage format eliminates problems when transferring spatial datasets which have attribute names that are >10 characters in length.