The TNRS R package (also known as RTNRS) provides access to the Taxonomic Name Resolution Service API, which is a tool for automated standardization of plant scientific names. The TNRS corrects spelling errors and alternative spellings to a standard list of names, and converts out of date names (synonyms) to the current accepted name. More information on the TNRS is available on the BIEN website (https://bien.nceas.ucsb.edu/bien/tools/tnrs/), and the code underlying the TNRS is available on Github at https://github.com/ojalaquellueva/tnrsapi.

Important Note

Before submitting names to the TNRS, we strongly recommend that you exclude any names which are all whitespace, NULL, NA, or empty strings. These “blank” names may cause the submitted names to become associated with incorrect IDs. We are working on fixing this bug, but in the meantime we recommend that you omit such names from your queries.

Warning Messages and Errors