Simple Ari Configuration with Docker

Sean Kross


Behind the scenes, Ari makes extensive use of FFmpeg, a tool and a collection of open source software for editing audio and video files. Managing your computer’s configuration of FFmpeg can be challenging, so we have provided a Docker container to help you quickly get started making videos with Ari. This guide will help you install Docker and retrieve the Docker image we have prepared. This Docker image will launch an RStudio session in your web browser with all of Ari’s dependencies already configured.

Installing Docker

If you do not have Docker installed already, download and install Docker Desktop for Windows or Mac, or download the Docker command line interface for your Linux distribution. After you have installed Docker, open PowerShell on Windows or Terminal on Mac or Linux.

Starting ari-on-docker

No matter which command line interface you are using, run the following command to download the ari-on-docker image:

docker pull seankross/ari-on-docker

Once the image is finished downloading, run the following command to start RStudio in the browser:

docker run -dp 8787:8787 -e PASSWORD=ari -e ROOT=TRUE seankross/ari-on-docker

After executing this command, navigate to http://localhost:8787/ in your web browser. The RStudio login screen should appear: use username admin and password ari to get access to RStudio. All of Ari’s dependencies should be configured, so you can get started making videos.

Further Details

If you are interested in how the ari-on-docker image is built, it is currently being developed here: Looking at the Dockerfile in this repository may also help you configure FFmpeg for Ari on your own computer.