bcmaps 1.1.0

bcmaps 1.0.3

bcmaps 1.0.2

bcmaps 1.0.1

bcmaps 1.0

bcmaps 0.18.1

bcmaps 0.18.0

bcmaps v0.17.1

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bcmaps 0.15.1

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bcmaps 0.14.0

bcmaps 0.13.0

This is a major new release with breaking changes.

All data has been removed from the bcmaps package and moved to the bcmaps.rdata package, which is hosted on the bcgov drat repository: https://github.com/bcgov/drat. That package must be installed in order for bcmaps to access the data. It can be installed with: install.packages('bcmaps.rdata', repos='https://bcgov.github.io/drat/')

In previous versions of bcmaps, data was stored in the package and loaded by calling data("layername") or simply layername (e.g., data("bc_bound") or bc_bound).

Now loading data requires a function call - either using a shortcut function that is the same name as the dataset (e.g., bc_bound() whereas previously one would simply use bc_bound). Alternatively, one can use the get_layer() function (e.g., get_layer("bc_bound")).

Another major change is that all the layers are now returned as sf classes by default, rather than Spatial classes. Spatial versions of the data can still be obtained by setting the class argument to "sp" in get_layer() and the shortcut functions (E.g., bc_bound(class = "sp") or get_layer("bc_bound", class = "sp")).

bcmaps 0.12.0

bcmaps 0.11.0

bcmaps 0.10.1

bcmaps 0.10.0

bcmaps 0.9.0

bcmaps 0.8.2

bcmaps 0.8.1

bcmaps 0.8.0

bcmaps 0.7.1

bcmaps 0.6.2

bcmaps 0.6.0

bcmaps 0.5.0

Added two new functions to create and work with SpatailPolygonsDataFrames with nested data frames:

bcmaps 0.4.0

Added a couple of convenience functions:

bcmaps 0.3.0

Added 3 Natural Resource layers (areas, regions and districts)

bcmaps 0.2.0

Added high resolution BC boundaries (bc_bound_hres)

bcmaps 0.1.0

Added bc_area function