cyclomort package

Parametric periodic survival modeling in R

The cyclomort package provides tools for modeling and analysis of periodic mortality (or other time-to event) processes from right-censored data. The package was inspired by the need to detect annual seasonal patterns in mortality of wildlife, thus, the central assumption is that the period itself is known (e.g. 1 year, 24 hours, etc.), but the number, intensity and duration of the peaks of increased hazard are unknown. The central function estimates these parameters from right-censored data. Other functions allow for simulation, visualization of fits, and a priori hypothesis testing tools.

Examples are provided in the package vignette

Also - for fun - a blog post!

To install from GitHub:

install_github("", vignettes = TRUE)

This project is fairly mature, and will soon be uploaded to CRAN, but GitHub is a good place to report issues for further development.


E. Gurarie, P. Thompson, A. Kelly, N. Larter, W. Fagan and K. Joly. 2020. For Everything There is a Season: Estimating periodic hazard functions with the cyclomort R package. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 11(1):129-139.