Currently, Windows and macOS(with Apple Silicon processors) are tested and supported.

This package may work with Mac with Intel processors, but not tested. Test

You should use appropriate OS for your purpose. For example, if you want to make a Windows Executable File(EXE), you should use Windows. Same to macOS.






Before start

Run npm i -g @electron-forge/cli in your terminal to install electron in your system.

(macOS) If your account don’t have proper permission, run sudo npm i -g @electron-forge/cli

Packages used in your application not available at CRAN should be installed at your computer.



You can apply your custom icons. However, some limitations apply.

  1. Make assets/icon folder on the level of your directory. For example, if your “app.R” is located at /User/yourdirectory/app.R, there should be /User/yourdirectory/assets/icon folder.

  2. Put your icon at icon folder, with named icon.ico (for Windows) or icon.icns (for macOS).

Please note that icon files with another extensions(i. e. png) may not work.

For more information, please refer to electron documents.

See option_description.md for more information.(Not yet prepared)


-> Run executablePackeR::pack(option=list(is_dev=TRUE)) -> with is_dev option, processed file will not be deleted, and tempdir path will be printed at last. -> Open terminal, run cd <tempdir path printed at your cosole> -> Run electron-forge start and see what is the problem.

For another issues not described above, use Issue tab for reporting issues and requesting features.

When you stuck at after “Installing R Complete” and see warning(or error) “Could not parse R code in”, Run

Sys.setlocale(category = 'LC_ALL' , locale = '')


Sys.setlocale(category = 'LC_ALL' , locale = 'en_US.UTF-8')

at your R Console.

It might be a encoding problem, and may occurs at Windows Server Environment.


This package is developed under support of Zarathu Corporation

Thanks to Jinhwan Kim and Travis Hinkelman, Dirk Shumacher for making shiny-electron-template #macOS #Windows

(Windows) This package downloads Innoextract for unpacking R setup file. See GitHub for source code.


Contact limcw@zarathu.com for non-public inquiry.