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fishRman is a bundle of analytics tools for fisheries scientists. A ‘shiny’ R App is included for a ‘no-code’ solution for retrieval, analysis, and visualization.

You can use the dashboard and learn more about the code, the software, the data, and the people behind them via:

How to quote

How to become a contributor

First things first, you might want to take a look at the Issues page. There, I listed some tasks that I reckon the project needs. If you don’t find anything that you can do, you can still run the code and make up your own opinion on what is needed. From there, you can either file this new Issue and forget about it, or file it and handle it yourself. The pull requests should be made onto the pull-requests branch.

Get in touch

If you are interested in contributing, planning, chatting, or if you have any issues, you can contact me at pasqualebuonomo@hotmail.it