ggpie - A ggplot2 extension to create pie, donut and rose pie plot

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ggpie aims to create pie (2D and 3D), donut and rose pie plot with the ggplot2 plotting system which implemented the grammar of graphics. It contains five main functions:


You can install the released version of ggpie from CRAN with:


Or install the package via the Github repository:

# install.package("remotes")   #In case you have not installed it.

In general, it is recommended to install from Github repository (update more timely).


#> To cite ggpie in publications use:
#>   Yabing Song (2022). ggpie: Create Pie, Donut and Rose Pie Plot with
#>   'ggplot2'. R package version 0.2.2.
#> A BibTeX entry for LaTeX users is
#>   @Manual{,
#>     title = {ggpie: Create Pie, Donut and Rose Pie Plot with 'ggplot2'.},
#>     author = {Yabing Song},
#>     note = {R package version 0.2.2},
#>     year = {2022},
#>     url = {},
#>   }


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