Idaho National Laboratory Project Office (INLPO) publication types include journal articles, conference proceedings, university theses, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Series, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission reports, and Idaho Department of Water Administration reports. The percentage frequency distribution of INLPO publication types is provided in table 1. And the number of citations per year is shown in figure 1. USGS-Series publications compose the largest percentage of the INLPO bibliography at 67.8 percent. The mean number of publications per year is 5.3, with a standard deviation of 3.5.

Table 1.   Type and number of INL Project Office publications (1949–2022).

[Type of publication: the period of time over which they were published are enclosed within parentheses. Count: number of publications. Percent: is the percentage of the total number of publications. Note that percentages may not sum to 100 percent due to rounding.]

Type of publication Count Percent
Article from a journal (1963–2020) 33 6.9
Article in a conference proceedings (1962–2016) 14 2.9
Master’s thesis (1990–2018) 14 2.9
U.S. Geological Survey
Open-File Report (1953–2022) 108 22.6
Water-Resources Investigations Report (1979–2003) 68 14.2
Scientific Investigations Report (2005–2022) 53 11.1
Professional Paper (1964–2019) 6 1.3
Data Series (2008–2017) 4 0.8
Fact Sheet (1997–2017) 4 0.8
Circular (1982) 2 0.4
Software Release (2021–2022) 2 0.4
Bulletin (1964) 1 0.2
Geophysical Investigation Map (1964) 1 0.2
Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map (1994) 1 0.2
Water Supply Paper (1982) 1 0.2
software release (2020) 1 0.2
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
Idaho Operations Office Publication (1949–1980) 55 11.5
Idaho Geological Survey
Technical Report (2020) 1 0.2
Idaho Department of Water Administration
Water Information Bulletin (1973) 1 0.2
Department of Energy Environmental Measurements Laboratory
Open-File Report (1953–2022) 108 22.6
Total 478
<b>Figure 1.</b> &nbsp; Distribution of INL Project Office publications (1949--2022). USGS and non-USGS publication types are distinguished by color.

Figure 1.   Distribution of INL Project Office publications (1949–2022). USGS and non-USGS publication types are distinguished by color.

A total of 2,288 unique words were identified in the titles and abstracts of INLPO publications. A frequency count of these words is provided in table 2 and sorted in order of decreasing frequency. Water is the most used word with a count of 1,261.

Table 2.   The frequency of words used in titles and abstracts (1949–2022). Words with a frequency count of less than three were excluded from the table.

[Word: is a word taken from the unstructured text. Frequency count: is the number of appearances in the documents. No. of publications: is the number of documents containing the word.]