jagshelper 0.2.4 (June 2024)

jagshelper 0.2.3 (Apr 2024)

Fixed some plotting bugs in envelope(), caterpillar(), and ts_postpred(), added a few more lines to skeleton()

jagshelper 0.2.2 (Mar 2024)

Added exponential and inverse-logit transformation to caterpillar(), envelope(), and associated plots

jagshelper 0.2.1 (Jan 2024)

Patch to allow a single parameter in caterpillar()

jagshelper 0.2.0 (Nov 2023)

jagshelper 0.1.11 (Nov 2022)

Added plotdens_jags() and associated documentation

jagshelper 0.1.9 and 0.1.10 (Oct 2022)

Added cor_jags() and plotcor_jags() and associated documentation

jagshelper 0.1.8 (Oct 2022)

Fixed a bug in comparedens() and added some minor functionality

jagshelper 0.1.7 (Oct 2022)

Initial CRAN submission

jagshelper 0.1.4 (Oct 2022)

This is a new package submission to CRAN, but contains substantial updates to the version previously shared on Github.