Extracting and Visualizing Output from ‘jagsUI’

Tools are provided to streamline Bayesian analyses in ‘JAGS’ using the ‘jagsUI’ package. Included are functions for extracting output in simpler format, functions for streamlining assessment of convergence, and functions for producing summary plots of output. Also included is a function that provides a simple template for running ‘JAGS’ from ‘R’.

Commonly-used functions: Model construction and output summary

Commonly-used functions: Assessing model convergence and appropriateness

Note that functions are also provided to give trace plots or by-chain kernel densities by themselves, with inputs of ‘jagsUI’ output objects, data.frames, or single vectors.

Commonly-used functions: Extracting simplified model output

Commonly-used functions: Plotting model output


The development version is currently available on Github, and can be installed in R with the following code: