This R package implements the basic financial analysis functions similar to (but not identical to) what is available in most spreadsheet software. This includes finding the IRR and NPV of regularly spaced cash flows and annuities. Bond pricing and YTM calculations are included. In addition, Black Scholes option pricing and Greeks are also provided.

NPV, XNPV, IRR and XIRR functions

npv(cf=c(100,250,300), rate=5e-2)
npv(cf=c(1,3,2), rate=10e-2, cf.t=c(0.3,1.9,2.5))
irr(cf=c(-450,100,300,200), cf.t=c(0, 0.3,1.9,2.5)) 

Annuity functions

annuity.pv(rate=10e-2, n.periods=15)
annuity.pv(rate=10e-2, n.periods=15, immediate.start = TRUE)
annuity.pv(rate=10e-2, instalment = 450, n.periods=360, cf.freq=12, comp.freq=2)
annuity.rate(pv=50000, instalment = 450, n.periods=360, cf.freq=12, comp.freq=2)
annuity.instalment(rate=9e-2, pv=10000, n.periods=8)
annuity.instalment.breakup(rate=9e-2, pv=10000, n.periods=8, period.no=5)

Bond Price, Yield and Duration

bond.price(settle="2012-04-15", mature="2022-01-01", coupon=8e-2,
bond.price(settle="2012-04-15", mature="2022-01-01", coupon=8e-2,
bond.price(settle="2012-04-15", mature="2022-01-01", coupon=8e-2,
           yield=8.8843e-2, freq=1, comp.freq=2)
bond.yield(settle="2012-04-15", mature="2022-01-01", coupon=8e-2,
bond.duration(settle="2012-04-15", mature="2022-01-01", coupon=8e-2,
bond.duration(settle="2012-04-15", mature="2022-01-01", coupon=8e-2,
              yield=8.8843e-2, modified=TRUE)
coupons.dates(settle="2012-04-15", mature="2022-01-01")
coupons.next(settle="2012-04-15", mature="2022-04-01")
coupons.prev(settle="2012-04-15", mature="2022-04-01")
coupons.n(settle="2012-04-15", mature="2017-07-01")

(Generalized) Black Scholes Formulas

GenBS(s=100, X=100, r=0.1, Sigma=20e-2, t=1, div_yield=0)
GenBS(s=100, X=120, r=0.1, Sigma=15e-2, t=1, div_yield=5.8e-2)
GenBSImplied(s=100, X=900, r=0, price=7.97, t=1, div_yield=0)

Utility functions

equiv.rate(10e-2, from.freq = 12, to.freq = 2) 
equiv.rate(15e-2, from.freq = 1, to.freq = Inf)
edate("2005-05-17", -8) 
edate("2007-02-28", 4) 

Newton Raphson and bisection root solver

The package implements a Newton Raphson root solver that is used internally to calculate IRR and YTM. It is available for general use.

fn1 <-function(x){list(value=sin(x)-cos(x), gradient=cos(x)+sin(x))} 

The package implements a bisection root solver that does a geometric grid search to bracket the root and then calls uniroot to find the root within this interval. The package uses the function internally to calculate IRR and YTM, but bisection.root is available for general use.

bisection.root(sin, guess = 7, lower=1, upper=13)
bisection.root(sin, guess = 12, lower=1, upper=13)