keras 2.6.1

keras 2.6.0

Breaking changes (Tensorflow 2.6): - Note: The following breaking changes are specific to Tensorflow version 2.6.0. However, the keras R package maintains compatibility with multiple versions of Tensorflow/Keras. You can upgrade the R package and still preserve the previous behavior by installing a specific version of Tensorflow: keras::install_keras(tensorflow="2.4.0")

New Features:

keras 2.4.0

Keras (CRAN)

Keras (CRAN)

Keras (CRAN)

Keras 2.2.4 (CRAN)

Keras 2.2.0

Keras 2.1.6

Keras 2.1.5

Keras 2.1.4

Keras 2.1.3

Keras 2.1.2

keras 2.0.9

keras 2.0.8

keras 2.0.6

keras 2.0.5