Lifecycle: experimental CRAN status

Extra appenders for logging to push notifications, email, databases, and other destinations for lgr. Please refer to the function reference for details and examples

Development status

The appenders provided by lgrExtra are of varying stability. Especially Database-appenders are still considered experimental and should probably not be used in a production environment. I currently do not have much time to work on lgrExtra, but you are welcome to submit feature requests. If I see that the interest in lgrExtra increases I may prioritize it over other projects.

Appender Description Backend Status
AppenderElasticSearch ElasticSearch elastic Lifecycle: experimental
AppenderDbi Databases DBI Lifecycle: experimental
AppenderDt In-memory data.table data.table Lifecycle: superseded
AppenderGmail E-mail via Gmail REST API gmailr Lifecycle: experimental
AppenderPushbullet Pushbullet (mobile phone push notifications) RPushbullet Lifecycle: stable
AppenderSendmail E-mail via SMTP sendmailR Lifecycle: stable
AppenderSyslog Linux Syslog rsyslog Lifecycle: stable


You can install the stable version from CRAN


or the current development version directly from github