lintr 3.0.2

lintr 3.0.1

Changes to defaults

New and improved features

New features

Bug fixes

Other changes

lintr 3.0.0

Breaking changes


Other changes to defaults

Updates to default_linters

Other noteworthy changes

New and improved features

New linters

Google linters

Google is a heavy user of lintr internally, and has developed a large set of linters improving code consistency and correcting common R usage mistakes. This release includes many of these linters that are of general interest to the broader R community. More will be included in future releases. See, e.g. #884, #979, #998, #1011, #1016, #1036, #1051, #1066, and #1067; special thanks to @MichaelChirico and @michaelquinn32.

Other features and improvements

Bug fixes


lintr 2.0.1

New features

Minor fixes and features

lintr 2.0.0

lintr 2.0.0 is a major release, and incorporates development changes since the last major release (1.0.0) in 2016-04-16.

Deprecated functions

New linters

New functions for writing linters

New functions for users

Linter fixes

General improvements and fixes

lintr 1.0.3

lintr 1.0.2

lintr 1.0.1

lintr 1.0.0

lintr 0.3.3

lintr 0.2.0