mvrsquared v0.1.5

This patch updates C++11 requirement consistent with current CRAN compilers.

mvrsquared v0.1.4

This patch fixes an error on r-devel-linux-x86_64-debian-clang in CRAN checks.

mvrsquared v0.1.3

This patch fixes a parallel issue that could’ve caused incorrect computations.

mvrsquared v0.1.2

This patches an error thrown when using large data sets.

mvrsquared v0.1.1

This patches an error being thrown during testing on some Linux operating systems. The root cause seems to be an imprecise calculation introduced in parallel computing. See the note under help(calc_rsquared).

mvrsquared v0.1.0

This version introduces parallel processing at the C++ level using RcppThread.

To calculate R-squared in parallel, set the threads argument to a number greater than 1 when calling calc_rsquared.

mvrsquared v0.0.3

This version makes some changes to documentation including the README

mvrsquared v0.0.2

This version includes

mvrsquared v0.0.1

This version is the first release!