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pqantimalarials is a R package that runs an interactive web tool which allows users to reproduce and modify the estimates of under-five deaths caused by poor-quality antimalarials in sub-Saharan Africa presented in:

J. Patrick Renschler, Kelsey Walters, Paul Newton, Ramanan Laxminarayan .”Estimated under-five deaths associated with poor-quality antimalarials in sub-Saharan Africa”. 2014. Paper submitted.

The pqantimalarials package only has one function, and this function starts the interactive web tool:


To close the web tool: * Interrupt R, usually by hitting Esc or Ctrl + C

Users set input parameters using interactive sliders: * the number of simulations for an uncertainty and sensitivity analysis * the case fatality rate of under-five malaria positive children who consume poor-quality antimalarials * the prevalence of poor-quality antimalarials

Users are able to download: * input settings (CSV) * output plots (PDF) * output data (CSV)

For a given set of input settings, the downloaded files are tagged with a randomly generated ID number - so that users can download results generated using different input settings, and later be able to reference which settings were used for what outputs.

You can track development of this package at: http://github.com/renschler/pqantimalarials

Set Up

This web tool has been made available as an R package. To install and run enter the following lines into your R console.





Q: When I download the CSV files and PDFs, what do the numbers at the beginnings of the filenames mean?

A: For every set of inputs, a random number is generated to “tag” your downloads.That way if you are iterating over different input settings you will know which downloads belong to which input settings. Be sure to download the input CSV if you want to be able to look up exactly what input settings you used to generate your results.

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