ROSM: Open Street Map tiles in R

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Download and plot Open Street Map, Bing Maps, and other tiled map sources. Use to create high-resolution basemaps and add hillshade to vector based maps. Note that rosm uses base plotting and not ggplot2: for mapping in ggplot2, use ggspatial::annotation_map_tile().


The rosm package is available on CRAN, and can be installed using install.packages("rosm").



# specify a bounding box
altalake <- makebbox(50.1232, -122.9574, 50.1035, -123.0042)
  # plot tiles (see also osm.raster() and bmaps.plot())
  osm.points(c(-122.9841, -122.9812), c(50.11055, 50.11765), 
             pch=15, cex=0.6, col="white")
  osm.text(c(-122.9841, -122.9812), c(50.11055, 50.11765), 
           labels=c("GC6", "GC2"), adj=c(-0.2, 0.5), cex=0.7, col="white")
}, scale.label.col = "white")

The Future?

Some other great projects have popped up in the last few years, such that rosm will probably be retired in the next year. Packages that depend on will continue to work, but it is likely that a new API will pop up under a different name.