Package changes from previous sc2sc version 0.0.1-9

This current new version solves a bug in the internal computation of weights to transfer data in expansion subareas of cities as well as another, likely more relevant, bug impacting on the transferring of counts. This bug was inadvertently introduced when modifying the code to accommodate the new, smaller objects containing the info to make the transfers. In general, transfers of counts performed using version 0.0.1-9 are not reliable.

Package changes from previous sc2sc version 0.0.1-7

This new version extends to year 2023 the horizon for making transfers.

The sizes of the objects which contain the info to make the transfers has been reduced, and the code has been redone to avoid losses in computation velocity.

It has been solved some inconsistencies detected in the correspondences between the census sections and the postal codes partitions.