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Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. Current Version

This package is used to create the data needed for teal applications. This data can be:

This package provides:


# stable versions

# install.packages("pak")

Alternatively, you might want to use the development version available on r-universe.

# beta versions
install.packages('teal.data', repos = c('https://pharmaverse.r-universe.dev', getOption('repos')))

# install.packages("pak")


To understand how to use this package, please refer to the Introduction to teal.data article, which provides multiple examples of code implementation.

Below is the showcase of the example usage

# quick start for clinical trial data
my_data <- cdisc_data(
  ADSL = example_cdisc_data("ADSL"),
  ADTTE = example_cdisc_data("ADTTE"),
  code = quote({
    ADSL <- example_cdisc_data("ADSL")
    ADTTE <- example_cdisc_data("ADTTE")

# or 

my_data <- within(teal_data(), {
  ADSL <- example_cdisc_data("ADSL")
  ADTTE <- example_cdisc_data("ADTTE")
datanames <- c("ADSL", "ADTTE")
datanames(my_data) <- datanames
join_keys(my_data) <- default_cdisc_join_keys[datanames]
# quick start for general data
my_general_data <- within(teal_data(), {
  iris <- iris
  mtcars <- mtcars
# reproducibility check
data <- teal_data(iris = iris, code = "iris <- mtcars")
#> Error: Code verification failed.
#>  Object(s) recreated with code that have different structure in data:
#>  β€’ iris
# code extraction
iris2_data <- within(teal_data(), {iris2 <- iris[1:6, ]})
#> "iris2 <- iris[1:6, ]"

Getting help

If you encounter a bug or have a feature request, please file an issue. For questions, discussions, and staying up to date, please use the teal channel in the pharmaverse slack workspace.

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