tinythemes – Lightweight Repackaging of ggplot2 Themes

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Example: Without, and With, The Theme

One the left are ggplot() defaults, on the right the theme is added.


The hrbrthemes package contains a nice theme as seen in the preceding example. Installing the package, however, comes at cost of fourty-nine (yeah, really) additional packages:

> db <- tools::CRAN_package_db()
> deps <- tools::package_dependencies(c("ggplot2", "hrbrthemes"), recursive=TRUE, db=db)
> Filter(\(x) x != "ggplot2", setdiff(deps[[2]], deps[[1]]))
 [1] "extrafont"         "knitr"             "rmarkdown"        
 [4] "htmltools"         "tools"             "gdtools"          
 [7] "extrafontdb"       "Rttf2pt1"          "Rcpp"             
[10] "systemfonts"       "gfonts"            "curl"             
[13] "fontquiver"        "base64enc"         "digest"           
[16] "ellipsis"          "fastmap"           "evaluate"         
[19] "highr"             "xfun"              "yaml"             
[22] "bslib"             "fontawesome"       "jquerylib"        
[25] "jsonlite"          "stringr"           "tinytex"          
[28] "cachem"            "memoise"           "mime"             
[31] "sass"              "fontBitstreamVera" "fontLiberation"   
[34] "shiny"             "crul"              "crayon"           
[37] "stringi"           "cpp11"             "urltools"         
[40] "httpcode"          "fs"                "rappdirs"         
[43] "httpuv"            "xtable"            "sourcetools"      
[46] "later"             "promises"          "commonmark"       
[49] "triebeard"        

So this package goes the other way and currently contains only one theme: theme_ipsum_rc(), taken from hrbrthemes and minimally polished. Installing this package from CRAN results in zero additional dependencies.

What If Something Goes Wrong?

Good question. This package is for when you know the Roboto Condensed font is in fact present and ready to be used. Package hrbrthemes has some documentation and helpers about what to do when that is not the case; consult that documentation first.


The theme was written by Bob Rudis who is the principal author of hrbrthemes.

This package was put together by Dirk Eddelbuettel


tinythemese is released under the same terms as hrbrthemes, namely the MIT license.