Getting Started


The vvcanvas package is designed to interact with the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) API. This vignette provides a basic guide on how to authenticate, retrieve course information, and fetch specific details using the package.


To install the vvcanvas package, you can use the following command:



To start using the package, you need to authenticate with the Canvas LMS API using your API key and base URL. Here’s an example of how to authenticate:

# Replace the placeholders with your API key and base URL
api_key <- "YOUR_API_KEY"
base_url <- ""

# Authenticate with the Canvas LMS API
canvas <- canvas_authenticate(api_key, base_url)

## Alternatively, you can set system variables

# Set the API key and base URL as environment variables
Sys.setenv(CANVAS_BASE_URL = "")

# Authenticate with the Canvas LMS API
canvas <- canvas_authenticate()

Retrieving Course Information

Once authenticated, you can retrieve course information using the get_courses function. Here’s an example:

# Fetch the dataframe of courses
courses <- get_courses(canvas)


Fetching Specific Details

The vvcanvas package provides various functions to fetch specific details. For example, to retrieve the assignments within a course, you can use the get_assignments function:

# Replace the placeholder with the desired course ID
course_id <- 12345

# Fetch the assignments for the course
assignments <- get_assignments(canvas, course_id)