waffle 0.7.0 - yet more fixes for latest ggplot2 2.x - made factor-level keeping a parameter (TRUE by default)

waffle 0.6.0 - keep factor levels; improve default aesthetics

waffle 0.5.1 - even moar improved ggplot2 compatibility

waffle 0.5 - new & improved ggplot2 compatibility

waffle 0.4 - added use_glyph() and glyph_size() to waffle() so you can now make isotype pictograms

waffle 0.3 - added a pad parameter towaffle to make it easier to align plots - added `iron to make it easier to do the alignment

waffle 0.2.3 - nulled many margins and made the use of coord_equal optional via theequal parameter

waffle 0.2.1 - added Travis tests to ensure independent package build confirmation

waffle 0.2 - added `as_rcdimple thx to Kent Russell (only in non-CRAN version)

waffle 0.1 - initial release